Exploring Various Styles And Themes of Wedding

We all wish for an extraordinary . And to make that happen we take every detail into account from the dress, ornaments, venues and everything in between. And cars are no different! We want everything to be perfect! Isn’t it? But do you know there are different styles and themes of ? And each style is unique in its own!

A Classic Wedding

A classic or traditional is a formal occasion that embraces a sit down three course dinner at the reception. In such style of the couple gets married at the church; bride wears a classically styled white princess-gown dress and the groom wears a traditional black tuxedo. The bridal party includes a lot of members such as the flower girls, page boys, junior bridesmaid, ushers and ring bearers. Formal celebrations of a classic include cake cutting, speeches, first dance, photographs, and garter and bouquet toss.

Contemporary Wedding

A contemporary is a little twisted version of the classic ! The contemporary twists like a non traditional dress, venue, along with a modern invitation, styling and decorations. It is basically, an elegant, trend focused and stylish edition of a traditional . Such s include all of the formalities that are present in a traditional .

Vintage Style Wedding

A vintage style lets you to have a look back at the bygone era. Most of the vintage style s make reference to the era of Victoria as well as the era of 20s and 40s. The theme of such a is truly expressed by the garments, hairdo and make-up worn by the bridal party. Jazz music, vintage photo booths, vintage cars such as the Beauford car, and a vintage style venue are the key elements of a vintage theme. Such a theme may not include sit down dinner however; a cocktail party usually goes with the vintage theme!

Vineyard Wedding

A romantic vineyard is a visual celebration of beautiful people at the car show and natural surroundings. Whether the ceremony takes place indoors or outdoors, the styling elements reflect the surrounding landscape. It is the mix of rustic elements and styling choices. In such a the focus is on the wine and dines, hence, usually is a sit down reception type. It may be formal or informal depending upon the couple’s choice.

Rustic Style Wedding

Simplicity is the key attribute of this type of ! A rustic style is usually inspired by the simplicity of the country side. It integrates rustic elements such as timber, metal and natural unstructured flowers and bouquets. The best venues for such s include barns, sheds, vineyards and outdoors under a tree or marquee. The reception style is a sit down one! And some of the rustic s have same location for as well as reception. Unlike formal s, a rustic is typically quite relaxed and laid back style with a few formalities.

Beach Wedding

Relaxing and soothing are the two adjectives that suit a beach style. In a beach style , guests are not required to wear formal clothing. The couple may opt to take a relaxed approach in their attires and brides can wear sandals and even they can be bare footed! A beach includes a ceremony at the beach and reception at a nearby venue! It may have a small or large bridal party and many couples prefer an intimate beach ceremony with a few close friends and family.

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